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A combination of dying conurbations, bleak natural landscapes and the only words that have a chance of describing it all.



I cannot see anything as it is. A mire
Of expectation, that is nothing to do with the real
Experience, of feeling
All is lost
When nothing was ventured.

To feel the utmost tumult, despite
The skin of the water unpierced by stones
Oh to hurt like this again
To love, as the only answer,
To unbidden pain,
To unworthy, undue suffering that comes from nothing.

When you draw nothing from the well
It will reveal the blackest poisoned water
That every failure going before
Has written a negativity beyond reason, beyond knowing,
That rises now, from misty seafoam,
A corrupt and false resonance that draws
One’s heart onto the rocks –
Howling at myself for having done nothing, lost nothing.

One finds this wake, then, that could not be seen,
Until crossing the path on the next stage of the voyage –
That it is permanent carved in the water’s surface,
That choppy, that rough, that which leaves a ship
Unbalanced, shaking, despite
No collision occurring.

I thought it was impossible to find this ache
Like a cave torn from stone by water,
That the seemingly strong is undone by that which should not even resist,
And find it again, after landslide, and calcification,
Yet even an near-unmitigated good unlocks it,
Finds it hidden on the edge of the sea,
That in this place is hidden every dark treasure
Memorial patterns that will not yet be broken,
But instead bend the night-locked sea to their will.

Let this be the proving of some feeling
That we may call this darkness the cause of light,
That we may speak of what is found and build icebreakers for our
But for now, an unearned storm
Sits under the waves,
And fills each part of me/water in brachia, water in the lungs,
Salt on my lips and my eyes blackened with murk and soot and all that taints the waters,
In the midst of that night, a horrifying vision of such a banal failing
Of being but days late to the moment of love
Wrenched my heart apart
Already sailing on the sea of terror
Of the ocean of despair,
Charted wrongly, charted by blind cartographer by endless night,
Instead of ever noting the dawn; or true names of these seas
There are curses in this place that I wrote long ago
Spoke into caverns and now meet, as my direction circles.

Oh shine bright star,
Oh guide, heart’s compass,
And yet, whatever I speak has power no longer
The old me reigns in this domain
My invocations as yet unanswered,
And I fear a return into the place of visions
That I might see more despair
In little, silly words,
More destruction unbidden,
When all I did was spend a day with you.

At Sea
February 2014
A long time before
Unto Cover by tetrarchangel

Unto is a novella of love, loss and redemption.

It was originally written by hand in a notebook, with a mix of line-broken poetic sections and prose sections, alternating by notebook page. 

It was, or at least became, set in the world of Reason, the novel I wrote ten years ago, and I released it on that anniversary.

You should buy it! It's cheap in money, and it's heartbreaking in sentiment, and do you need any more recommendation than that? Click the  link:…


Timothy J Swann
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Timothy J Swann is a writer of novels and of poems, currently working on the publishing of his first novel, The Purity Construct, as well as a host of ongoing short stories and poetic series. He admits his name is a little pretentious, but is of the opinion that it looks better on a book cover than Tim Swann, even if he's called Tim by everyone he knows.

Current Age: 22
Current Residence: Worcester
Favourite genre of music:

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